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Mayor Bell and I team | How One City Is Driving Change For Justice-Involved Individuals

A small team in North Carolina is trying to lower barriers to success for justice-involved people.


Elite Daily | Think 2017 Was Bad For Reproductive Rights? Here’s What To Watch Out For In 2018

Months before the Trump Administration announced changes to Title X, reproductive rights advocates and experts were sounding the alarm.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Holds Off-Camera Briefing At White House

Elite Daily | Trump Administration’s Birth Control Rule Could Take Contraception Away From Millions If Announced

Under the guise of religious freedom, the Trump administration has put birth control coverage for upwards of 62 million women at risk.


Elite Daily | This State’s New Abortion Law Is So Awful It’s Being Called “Rape Insurance”

Two abortion providers weigh in on the new law.


Elite Daily | Surprise! States With The Most Abortion Restrictions Also Have This In Common

“Women denied abortion care,” the CRR report concludes, “are at increased risk of experiencing poverty, physical health impairments, and intimate partner violence.”


Elite Daily | Massachusetts AG Maura Healey On Trump & Birth Control: “We’ll See Him In Court”

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey discusses suing the Trump administration, reproductive rights, and the role of the judicial system in the U.S.


Elite Daily | Oregon’s New Abortion Law Protects Women In The Age Of Trump

The Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) guarantees access to reproductive healthcare for all women and gender nonconforming individuals in the state of Oregon.


Willamette Week | Beware What You Say On Facebook—Even If It’s True

A new court ruling holds a Portland man liable for inflicting emotional distress — for posting another man’s legal history.


Willamette Week | Portland Sex-Crimes Allegations Emerge From the Burning Man Scene

The case is the latest in a series of recent battles over whether describing a man as a danger to women is protected speech or defamation.


Willamette Week | Power Goes Out. Rent Goes Up.

Portland is failing to protect most tenants from landlords who let apartments decay.
















































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