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Portland Monthly | Portland Gets Its First-Ever Queer Comedy Festival

It’s the first multiday fest in the country wholly dedicated to queer comics and their friends and fans.

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Portland Monthly | Jessi Klein Explains Why You Might Not Grow Out of It

The stand-up comedian and head writer of Inside Amy Schumer talks about writing sketch comedy, feminism, and aging out of the Hollywood system.

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Portland Monthly | Third Rail Distills the Drama to Two People in a Trailer—Weed Optional

Ahead of the Portland premiere of Annapurna, we talk to director Isaac Lamb about the best of theater, the right weed strain for the show, and how Donald Trump led him back to town.


Portland State Vanguard | Kim Jong-il’s On the Art of the Cinema is fearlessly stupid

Yes, that Kim Jong-il. Yes, it was terrible.


Portland State Vanguard | Portland Review in flux

Between funding cuts and short-term staff, the long-standing literary publication’s future is on shaky ground.


Portland State Vanguard | Get ‘er Dunn: The summer reading list you can finish

By July, public drinking and setting off fireworks is, like, soooo passé. So go on and pick up a book. You won’t regret it.


Portland State Vanguard | Adverb abuse and creepy sex in ‘Satisfaction’

Sexy sex sex is the answer to all life’s burdens.

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Portland Monthly | Five Reasons You Should Read Lindy West’s Shrill, Like, Yesterday

The sharp-as-a-tack writer cruised through town earlier this month to read from her essay collection, Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman. If you missed her in person, get your hands on the book, stat.





































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