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Portland Monthly | Portland Gets Its First-Ever Queer Comedy Festival

It’s the first multiday fest in the country wholly dedicated to queer comics and their friends and fans.

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Portland Monthly | Jessi Klein Explains Why You Might Not Grow Out of It

The stand-up comedian and head writer of Inside Amy Schumer talks about writing sketch comedy, feminism, and aging out of the Hollywood system.


Portland State Vanguard | Kim Jong-il’s On the Art of the Cinema is fearlessly stupid

Yes, that Kim Jong-il. Yes, it was terrible.


Portland State Vanguard | Portland Review in flux

Between funding cuts and short-term staff, the long-standing literary publication’s future is on shaky ground.


Portland State Vanguard | Adverb abuse and creepy sex in ‘Satisfaction’

Sexy sex sex is the answer to all life’s burdens.

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Portland Monthly | Five Reasons You Should Read Lindy West’s Shrill, Like, Yesterday

The sharp-as-a-tack writer cruised through town earlier this month to read from her essay collection, Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman. If you missed her in person, get your hands on the book, stat.

































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