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A freelance writer based in Durham, North Carolina, I cover travel, politics, reproductive rights, beer, stand-up comedy, literature, and more. I believe in human-centered, empathetic storytelling.

I’ve written features, investigative news, book reviews, author interviews, travel tips, SEO content, and essays for GQ, Broadly, Babe.net, Cafe, Elite Daily, UPROXX, Portland MonthlyWillamette Week, Travel Portland, Matador Networkand more. Whether I’m waxing poetic about ethical consumption in international travel or talking to an abortion provider in Texas about the Lonestar state’s latest anti-choice law, I bring a keen sense of narrative to my work.

I am also currently researching and writing about abortion in America for my MFA in Creative Nonfiction. My aim is to take the abstract, often dehumanizing conversations we have about the procedure and translate those to the lived experiences of women who have terminated pregnancies.

Born and raised in South Jersey, I spent a decade out in Portland, Oregon before making my way back east—for now, anyways. But no matter where I end up, I will always be a Wawa-diehard and fair-weather Phillies fan. In my spare time, I enjoy taking my overly-anxious dog running, starting DIY projects and giving up halfway through, and exploring the world whenever I can.

I’m always looking to expand my writing horizons, so for inquiries about potential projects, please email me at lisadunnwriter@gmail.com.

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